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1.5 Million-Year-Old Alien Spaceship Found On Moon With Alien Bodies During Apollo 19 & 20 Missions

From 1961 to 1975, 17 missions were sent into space, 11 of which had people on board (Apollo 7 through Apollo 17). During this time, there were 6 successful landings on the moon. The Apollo 18, 19, and 20 flights were canceled because they didn’t add anything new to science and would have cost the government and taxpayers a lot of money. But in 2007, Italian freelance journalist Luca Scantamburlo talked to William Rutledge, who says he was on the secret Apollo 20 mission, and wrote down what they said.

He said that he worked at Bell Laboratories and was in the United States Air Force. In 2007, Rutledge started putting pictures and videos of the Apollo 20 mission online. These pictures and videos showed the same spaceship and its pilots.

What is the most important thing that Rutledge has to say? He said that an unidentified man-made object was found and photographed on the moon’s surface during the Apollo 15 mission.

During missions 16 and 17, more pictures were taken and an overview of the land was done from space. Missions 18 and 19, which were no longer official, didn’t really have a clear goal. Rutledge only says that a number of problems happened during these missions, which caused research data to be lost. At first, the plan was to land next to an alien ship and use rovers to study it.

The Apollo 20 mission took off in 1976. William Rutledge, Aleksei Leonov, and Leona Snyder were on board. They were able to land near the ship, get inside, and check out the inside of the ship as well as the pilots’ bodies. One source said that they not only looked at the bodies but also took one of the bodies’ heads with them.

The ship was 3370 meters long and 510 meters wide, and it is thought to be 1.5 million years old. Inside the ship, there are many signs of biological life, including the remains of plants in the engine room, triangular stones that leak a yellow liquid that has some medical uses, and the remains of small bodies (about 10 cm) that lived in a network of “glass” pipes that went through the whole ship.

They found a woman-like humanoid who was 1.65 meters tall. She had a head of hair and six fingers (we assume the math is based on a dozen). She was a pilot, and her fingers and eyes were hooked up to an aerobatics device. Her body was naked, and they had to cut two cables that were attached to her nose, which didn’t have nostrils. Leonov took the gadget off of the eyes. Biofluids or blood clots broke apart and froze in the mouth, nose, eyes, and other parts of the body. Some parts of the body were in better shape than usual, and the hair and skin were protected by a thin, clear layer. It didn’t look either dead or alive. The booth was made of long, hollow hexagonal tubes with writing on them.

On the other hand, there is no way to know for sure that this was the ship of the Anunnaki, which Sitchin or someone else wrote about.

The fact that these “humanoids” have 12 fingers (6 on each hand) and we know that the Anunnaki used the hexadecimal numbering system and that all the frescoes show them with 5-fingered palms raises questions.

We also know that the Anunnaki had a second mission in low-Earth orbit. While some of them worked on Earth, others stayed on the mother ship. It’s possible they used the moon and left one of their ships there. Another interesting fact is that Wernher von Braun led the team of engineers who put the Apollo project into action. During Nazi Germany, von Braun worked for the Third Reich and made the famous V-2 rockets for them.

As part of Operation Paperclip, which took place in 1945, Braun and many other German scientists were sent to the United States. And the engineers of the Third Reich made a huge technological breakthrough by working with the occult societies of Ahnenerbe and Vril. These groups got information about our civilization from the ancient egregors of the Gods.

Braun had an interesting chain of events: he was in German occult groups, then moved to the United States, worked on a space program, and then found an alien spaceship, which may have been guided by the same gods who told the Nazis what to do. He lived until 1977 and saw Apollo 20 take off. According to Rutledge, he was also there when Apollo 20 took off.

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