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Archaeologists have discovered a civilization that predates the Egyptians.

The tomb of a strange society that predates the Ancient Egyptians has been discovered by an international team of academics. The grave is especially placed in Libya’s desert.

The antiquities and artifacts discovered there range in age from 9300 to 3000 years old. Based on the graves, experts determined that the megalithic structures are fairly comparable to Stonehenge.

Between 2001 and 2003, scientists discovered three tombs containing artifacts ornamented with seashells and stones, as well as pottery. Experts hypothesized that persons who lived in that society were tall and had a low infant mortality rate at the same time.

Two additional tombs were discovered in 2009, despite the fact that the inhabitants were not as tall as the others and had a high infant mortality rate.

Experts decided that the first cemetery was for high-status individuals, while the others were for lower-status individuals. In addition, a fresh piece of land has been discovered. That was meant to be a place where children under the age of three could go.

Finally, scientists came to the conclusion that all of these features point to a highly developed ancient civilization.

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