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Astronomers Discover A Water Reservoir Floating In Space That Is Equivalent To 140 Trillion Times All The Water In The Earth’s Ocean

The Milky Way contains 4,000 times more water than the universe’s greatest water resource, which is the size of 140 trillion seas and is hidden under a distant supermassive black hole.

Twelve billion light-years distant, where it appears as vapor spread across hundreds of light-years, this amount of water was found by two teams of astronomers.

The reservoir was found in a quasar’s gaseous region, a luminous, compact area at the center of a galaxy propelled by a black hole. This discovery shows that water could have existed from the beginning of the universe throughout the whole cosmos.

Although specialists are not surprised by this, water has never been found this far out. This amount of water is thought to have existed when the universe was just 1.6 billion years old because it took the light from the quasar, namely the APM 08279+5255 quasar in the constellation Lynx, 12 billion years to reach Earth.

The Plateau de Bure Interferometer in the French Alps was utilized by one group, while the Z-Spec equipment at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory in Hawaii was employed by the other.

The identification of trace gases (or enormous reservoirs of water vapor) in the early universe is made possible by these sensors’ ability to detect millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths.

Researchers have the information they required to determine the enormous scale of the reservoir thanks to the finding of several spectral signatures of water in the quasar.

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