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Best UFO video from a plane: Incredible speed, size and movements

Some woman on her flight out of Chicago saw something she will never forget: a UFO that moved very quickly.

She took a video of the plane and showed it to the people close to her. Ip the clip, she says, “It’s right over by those solar panels.” Apd the object zips into view, hovers, and then dashes away at a very fast speed.

Sobs of surprise and shock can be heard before the UFO turns around and flies off into space.

The first person to tweet the video said, “Okay, you guys, when I was flying home from Chicago, I saw something creepy. My first thought was UFO, but I knew that couldn’t be true, so I thought military drop, but I don’t know… thoughts?”

Since then, she has taken the video down from her Twitter, but she didn’t say why. Some commenters thought it might have been because someone, maybe even from the government, told her to show the video.

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