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BREAKING: Large Hadron Collider Just Discovered Three New Exotic Particles

On Tuesday, the European nuclear research center CERN said that scientists using the upgraded Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had found three particles that had never been seen before.

The world’s biggest and most powerful particle collider started up again after a three-year break for improvements. Researchers can look at twenty times more collisions now that the LHC has been updated.

Researchers at CERN found a “pentaquark” and the first pair of “tetraquarks” with the help of the improved collider.

What does it mean that particles have been found?

Chris Parkes, a spokesman for the LHCb experiment, which was designed to find out what happened after the Big Bang, says that this discovery will help theorists make a unified model of exotic hadrons, the nature of which is mostly unknown.

“We are in a time of discovery that is similar to the 1950s, when a “particle zoo” of hadrons started to be found, which led to the quark model of normal hadrons in the 1960s. “We’re making ‘particle zoo 2.0,'” said Niels Tuning, who is in charge of physics at the LHCb.

A quark is an electron that can’t be broken up into smaller pieces. Hadrons, like the protons and neutrons that make up atomic nuclei, which are an important part of the universe, are made when two or three quarks come together. Before the LHC got better, it was hard to find these particles because they often broke apart quickly.

The upgraded Large Hadron Collider will run for about four years at 13.6 trillion electronvolts.

Tuning said, “The more analyses we do, the more kinds of strange hadrons we find.”

Researchers want to learn more about “dark matter,” which has never been seen or touched. CERN also wants to find out more about how the subatomic particles that make matter and antimatter are made and how they break down.

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