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Did Tesla Discover The Secrets Of Antigravity?

On this world, Nikola Tesla was a strange and extraordinary person. If not for his research, discoveries, and innovations, our current lifestyles and technologies would be quite different today. Assume Tesla uncovered something more mysterious than what we are now able to understand.

What Nikola Tesla left behind

The lightbulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison’s rival Nikola Tesla, who is best known for it. He had a crucial role in the development of contemporary civilization since his theories and inventions were decades ahead of their time. Many of his claims and opinions were rejected by his contemporaries.

According to popular belief, Tesla may have had an alien contact, which would account for his future perspective on life and his capacity to manipulate electrical current. Some people even think Tesla admitted outright that he had contact with aliens.

Many modern technologies owe their existence to Tesla’s achievements in the lab. We wouldn’t have contemporary comforts like television, the radio, AC energy, and the Tesla coil if it weren’t for his smart ideas. Robotics, X-rays, microwaves, radiation detection, fluorescent lights, and radar would all be widely used.

The Unknown Success Formula of Nikola Tesla

If Tesla hadn’t proven his obvious aptitude for finding and building, these advancements would have probably advanced quickly. This young scientist was supposed to know about antigravity, to be able to fly.

He obtained a patent for an aircraft/helicopter hybrid in 1928, which was one of his inventions. This is generally accepted. Tesla had already created the designs for the plane’s propulsion system before he passed away. He developed an anti-electromagnetic field propulsion system known as “Space Conduction.” They could have considered the effects of antigravity force when creating their equipment.

Ether or the Possibility Theory of Unbounded Energy

Throughout his life, Nikola Tesla had a belief in free energy, sometimes referred to as ether or limitless energy. It is a kind of energy that permeates the entire world and acts as the power behind everything.

Tesla asserted to have spent years trying to comprehend what the ether was and how it functioned, and he vowed to write a book detailing his discoveries. He made an effort to understand the origins of this force as well as the planetary motions it creates. As a result, Albert Einstein’s original notion of curved space would be overshadowed.

According to Nikola Tesla’s own words, he was adamant about figuring out how to convey the processes that govern matter with the right perspective. Even saying that any references to spatial curvature would be unnecessary. He believed it was absurd to attempt to eliminate the idea of ether in order to explain the workings of the cosmos.

What happened to Tesla’s research on free energy?

Why Nikola Tesla’s research on ether and free energy ended up in the hands of the government is unknown. All of this important and intriguing knowledge has been concealed from the rest of the world up until this point. Is this an effort to keep us in the dark so we’ll accept their version of events?

Tesla made unexpected findings concerning the antigravity force while being unable to follow the progress of his flying ship prototype. Electrostatic emission from a conductor, for instance, is always concentrated where the surface bends. As there are more electrons in a given region, the arc steepens.

A source of electricity only has so much juice.

Tesla may have found a way to access an endless supply of energy that originates in nature, the same place that all other energy sources do. He was capable of making significant scientific and technical advancements if given the chance and the time. But mankind made a wrong turn that favored certain individuals at the expense of others…

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