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Extraterrestrials are real, according to a former Israeli space security commander

In order for humanity to “reach a point where we will grasp… what space and spacecraft are,” a “galactic federation” has been waiting.

According to former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s space department Haim Eshed, earthlings have spoken with extraterrestrials from a “galactic federation,” according to

According to him, the mysterious flying objects have requested that their presence not be made public since mankind is not yet ready. The aliens were equally interested in humankind and wanted to comprehend “the fabric of the cosmos.”

There is an agreement between the American government and the aliens, and agreements for collaboration between species have also been inked. There is even a “underground facility in the depths of Mars” where American astronauts and alien officials are present.

Donald Trump was “on the point of exposing” knowledge about the extraterrestrials, according to Eshed, but was ordered to hold off in order to avoid “public panic.”

Eshed stated, referring to the galactic federation, “They have been waiting until now for mankind to mature and reach a level where we would grasp, in general, what space and spacecraft are.”

In “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed,” written by Hagar Yanai and released in November, Eshed’s beliefs are explained in further depth.

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