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Human Origins: The Greatest Historical Cover-Up

The official history of mankind has grown into a real religion with a theology that you will be silenced if you dissent from. Of fact, both the Catholic Church and Islam strive to deceive us by threatening us with retribution if we do not accept their creed.

Unfortunately, this historical orthodoxy is taught in schools primarily to implant lies in the minds of future generations, making manipulators’ jobs simpler. The first beneficiaries of our ignorance are governments. Why aren’t more historians, archaeologists, and academicians speaking out against this dogma?

Because, with a few exceptions, all scientists, historians, and archaeologists are paid by governmental groups, and no one wants to publish material that does not help governments because, as you say, you risk losing your job, being ridiculed, and having your career wrecked.

Despite the fact that mankind is clearly older than the Holy Bible claims, the official history of mankind is constantly altered to match the events of the Holy Bible. For people like us and researchers who stumble upon ancient riches that challenge official orthodoxy, governments are deserved opponents.

Nexus Magazine’s correspondents in Spain are to be applauded for bringing this critical issue to our attention.

In 1993, NBC aired a documentary called Mysteries of the Sphinx, which demonstrated that the Sphinx is far older than the pyramids based on geological data. The water erosion debate arose as a result of this data, which was based on water erosion at the base of the sphinx.

Dr. Robert Schoch, a geologist, received this water erosion data from Egyptologist John Anthony West. According to Schoch, the Sphinx predates the pyramids.

Several academics from various professions came to the same conclusion as West after analyzing the Sphinx and the erosion on which it was revealed, and publicly publicized their findings, but the institution attacked.

Dr. Zahi Hawass and other dogmatic egologists slammed these researchers and their non-dogmatic conclusions. Dr. Mark Lehner, a leading Egyptologist, has joined the conflict, openly declaring West and Schoch to be illiterate and ignorant.

Other researchers who might have wished to share their ideas or support West and Schoch have been silenced as a result of this campaign of denigration and humiliation of non-dogmatic scientists. Sadly, intellectual assassination is still a common practice in academia today. All of these dogmatic professors are hired by various governments, which is ironic.

Another victim of intellectual assassination and shame is author Michael Cremo. In his book “Forbidden Archeology,” Cremo explores a number of things that give convincing evidence that human civilisation is far older than the scientific establishment believes. In 1996, NBC aired The Mysterious Origin of Man, based on Cremo’s book, and the scientific world was enraged.

Scientists have bombarded NBC with emails claiming Michael Cremo is a fraud and threatening the network with criminal proceedings for disseminating fraudulent archaeological material.

They went so far as to file a lawsuit against the television station, seeking that the FCC stop the show from being rerun. These are attempts not merely to limit free speech but also to silence intellectual debate.

Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre, a geologist who worked for the US Geological Survey in the 1970s, is another example of intellectual repression. Dr. Virgina was sent to an archaeological site in Mexico to date some artifacts. This instance exemplifies how far the scientific establishment will go to maintain its orthodoxy.

Despite the fact that Dr. McIntyre employed cutting-edge measuring technology, the findings were incredible. Dr. McIntyre’s measurements reveal a 250,000-year-old, when the lead archaeologist estimated a date of around 25,000 years.

Virginia repeated the tests several times to make sure there were no mistakes, but the results were consistent each time.

Because the study focused on the first Bering Strait crossings, a 25,000-year timescale seemed convenient.

When the head archaeologist saw that Dr. McIntyre’s measurements didn’t fit his expectations, he demanded that she replace them, which meant forging them with a 25,000-year figure, which she rejected. As a result, Dr. McIntyre’s position was terminated, and he is no longer allowed to publish his results.

The glaring injustices and abuses of free speech and independent thinking that dogmatic governments impose on us now oblige us to disseminate such facts in order to help in the search for the truth.


Ermal Shala

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