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It’s possible that the Atlantean Giants are still alive today.

Giants existed among us thousands of years ago, as we all know. It’s one thing to believe in the legends surrounding them; it’s quite another to dismiss their existence, considering the hundreds of thousands of Giant bones and skulls that have been unearthed thus far.

However, we are here today to present you with a series of discoveries that show that Atlantean Giants existed and that at least one specimen may still be alive today.

Professor Ernst Muldashev stated firmly on a trip to Bashkortostan that Giants previously lived among us and still do now.

He knows this because he has personally observed the unearthing of over 70 Atlantean towns in Syria, all of which are reported to have once been inhabited by Giants.

For proof, go no farther than Abel’s tomb, Adam’s son. He died while he was a child, yet his tomb is 5.8 meters tall, hence he is estimated to be 5.8 meters tall. His father, Adam, was said to have been at least 11 meters tall at his height.

Not all of them are considered to have perished 13,000 years ago.

In the village of Burzyan, a 50-meter-tall and 150-meter-wide stone mound was unearthed, and the locals believe it is the home of a 50-meter-tall Giant.

He is always shown in the Somati posture, which is said to stop one’s heart and let one’s spirit to exit the body. When the soul has completed its mission, it returns to the body, and life resumes as usual.

If this is correct, the Giant will shortly be resurrected.

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