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NASA Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago, But Covered It Up For Political Reasons

One of the people who worked on the Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment during NASA’s Viking mission to Mars in 1976 has said that life was found on Mars more than 40 years ago, even though the government hasn’t admitted it yet.

According to a blog post by Gilbert V. Levin of Scientific American, test results from this mission were sent back to NASA on July 30, 1976. These results showed that something did live on Mars long ago, even though the planet is not habitable now.

During the experiment, four positive results and five different controls showed that “microbial respiration” did happen on the Red Planet. Soil tests showed data curves that were similar to those collected on Earth.

At the time, NASA was sure that the mission didn’t find real life because it didn’t find any real organic matter, which was thought to be the “essence of life.”

So, NASA said the mission was a failure because all it did was find a substance that could be life.

Levin says, “It’s hard to understand why, in the 43 years since Viking, none of NASA’s other Mars landers have carried a life detection instrument to follow up on these exciting results.” This suggests that NASA never thought it would find life on Mars and never planned to tell the public if it did.

“Instead, the agency sent a series of missions to Mars to find out if there was ever a place where life could live and, if so, to bring samples back to Earth to be studied by biologists,” Levin says.

NASA has always said that finding alien life is its top priority. So, why has NASA been hiding the truth for all these years and even banned the use of life-detection technology on its many future space missions?

Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger, says that NASA is a fake pseudoscience group that, like the fakestream media, is in the business of spreading fairy tales as facts while hiding the truth.

Adams writes, “NASA lies all the time, just like other fake news sources.”

Concerning NASA’s long-running Mars cover-up, the fact that surface water and the supposed carbon footprints of “ancient Martian” civilizations have been found on the Red Planet is more proof that life did exist there.

“In summary, we have: positive results from a widely used microbiological test; supportive responses from strong and varied controls; duplication of the LR results at each of the two Viking sites; replication of the experiment at the two sites; and the failure of any experiment or theory over 43 years to provide a definitive nonbiological explanation of the Viking LR results,” says Levin.

“What proof do we have that there isn’t life on Mars? The amazing thing is that there isn’t any. Also, tests in the lab have shown that some microorganisms from Earth could live and grow on Mars,” he says.

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