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NASA Releases Stunning 4K Video of Apollo 13 Views of the Moon, Ending All Conspiracy Theories

NASA made a beautiful picture of the Moon by combining data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) with pictures taken by the Apollo 13 astronauts during their dangerous trip around the Moon’s far side in 1970.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) from NASA is now in a polar mapping orbit around the Moon that is a bit off-center. NASA will use the information gathered by the spacecraft to plan robotic and human missions to the moon’s surface in the future. The LRO has been studying and taking pictures of the moon for almost 12 years. The mission started on June 18, 2009. It was one of NASA’s most successful missions to the moon, and as of 2019, the spacecraft still has enough fuel to keep going for another seven years.

The movie shows a 4K view of the surface of the moon as the sun sets and rises, and it ends with Apollo 13 getting back in touch with Mission Control on Earth. The movie also shows how the Apollo 13 astronauts flew around the moon on their way back to Earth, and the moon stays in view the whole time.

The Apollo 13 mission was the seventh one with people on board. Data from the last 10 years matches up with what NASA astronauts saw in 1970. In 1970, it was impossible to get this kind of information, but now technology has once again shown that people did go to the Moon and that astronauts on the six Apollo missions did land there.

There are so many arguments, literal facts, and other pieces of evidence that show the idea that people will never go to the moon is not only wrong, but just plain stupid in today’s world. Now, this new NASA video adds to that proof. The same picture that NASA took in 1970 is shown by new data. So how did NASA know in 1970 what the moon would look like from close up if they had never been there? Unless they went there and made videos of what happened. These videos are turning out to be the same as what satellites record as they circle the Moon today.

So, if you already know about satellites in space and know for sure that they exist, but you had doubts about people going to the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s, this should clear them up. If someone still doesn’t believe it, it’s likely that they don’t have a brain (Pun intended).

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