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Recently, NASA discovered a massive structure on Saturn’s moon. There shouldn’t be a mysterious structure there

Massive structures built by a highly developed alien culture, perhaps the Anunnaki, can be found in the North Polar Seas.

These amazing pictures had color added to them to improve the clarity. In the video below, we can clearly see a tower of a city complex and a huge structure that is around 300 kilometers long.

Let’s examine Titan in more detail.

One of the most well-known satellites in our Solar System, Titan is Saturn’s Moon. But now, an odd discovery has been made in relation to it.

Recent research indicates that Titan’s equator has a significant ice ring surrounding it. Titan’s surface is largely covered in ice, although a sizable section of it is covered with an organic substance that falls from the sky.

The atmosphere of this satellite is also rich in organic molecules, which makes it considerably more challenging for researchers to study its surface.

Geologists also found the ice belt and the enormous peak known as Doom Mons, which was modeled after Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings. However, a lot of work has been spent looking into these locations in the hopes of discovering signs of cryovolcanism.

The ice on the belt represents Titan in the past, when its structure, composition, and nature were very different from what they are now, according to one of the many theories for its existence.

This discovery is noteworthy because it gives researchers new information about the past of Titan’s atmosphere as well.

Now I ask you a very important question: does that structure seem to be natural?

Watch the video down below.


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