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Satellite spots massive object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica

A MASSIVE item that may alter how we view history is thought to be buried beneath the Antarctic ice, according to scientists.

According to The Sun, the enormous and enigmatic “anomaly” is rumored to be hiding under Wilkes Land’s freezing wastes.

Its maximum depth is around 848 meters, and its width is 151 kilometers.

Some scientists think the dinosaur extinction was caused by the leftovers of a large asteroid that was more than double the size of the Chicxulub space rock.

If this theory is correct, the Permian–Triassic extinction event, which wiped out 96% of Earth’s marine life and up to 70% of its terrestrial vertebrate species, may have been brought on by this deadly asteroid.

The internet’s crazier minds have, however, developed their own hypotheses, with some conspiracy theorists suggesting it may be a huge UFO base or a gateway to the fabled Hollow Earth.

Research is particularly challenging due to Antarctica’s infamously hostile and desolate polar wastelands. SecureTeam is pictured.

When NASA satellites noticed gravitational fluctuations that pointed to the existence of a massive object in the centre of a 300-mile wide impact crater, this “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly” was first discovered in 2006.

Following the release of a YouTube video on the anomaly by the UFO hunting team Secure Team 10, debate of the odd findings has since erupted online.

The movie narrator stated, “To this day, scientists have no notion or method to identify exactly what is buried deep beneath this huge ice sheet.

“For years now, this continent has been veiled in a mystery of its own.”

According to Secure Team 10, the Nazis allegedly constructed hidden outposts in Antarctica during World War II that were intended for use by flying saucers.

“There is some proof of this coming to light in recent years, with photographs allegedly showing numerous entrances carved into the side of mountains, with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude,” the UFO seekers continued.

This raises the issue of how to access these openings without a flying object that had the same form as the hole itself.

Additionally, Secure Team advised that an expedition to explore the enigmatic continent be headed by the US Navy.

Conspiracy theorists assert that Operation High Jump was an expedition to uncover the gateway to a secret realm buried under Earth.

The scientist who discovered the anomaly, however, thinks it is actually proof of a sizable impact crater.

When the “killing crater” was found in 2006, Ralph von Frese, a professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University, argued that it was significantly larger than the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs and would have likely caused catastrophic devastation at the time.

“All of the environmental changes brought about by the impact would have produced a very harsh environment that was very difficult to endure. It follows that a great deal of life at that period died extinct.

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