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Saucer-Shaped UFO Was Recorded Collecting Lightning During Thunderstorm In Missouri

On June 7, 2022, in Saint Joseph, Missouri, there was a strong electrical storm. A photographer who was filming the thunder and lightning saw a huge saucer-shaped object in the middle of the storm.

The thing looks like it has a weird antenna on top that collects lightning.

Since it looks like the shape of the object affects how the vapor clouds move, we can assume that it is not a natural cloud but a solid craft made by intelligent design, whether it was made by humans or by aliens.

This wasn’t the first time a UFO was seen during a lightning storm. Back in 2017, a huge lightning strike in the US hit a UFO. This was caught on camera.

People often say that UFOs charge their batteries with lightning. Could these pictures show that?

About 3:05 into the video, there is footage of the storm with a saucer-shaped craft.

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