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Stephen Hawking Predicted Superhumans Will Destroy Humanity

The late physicist Professor Stephen Hawking made the argument in a collection of articles and essays that a new race of superhumans will develop as a result of the wealthy editing their DNA and the DNA of their offspring to produce superhumans with improved memory, disease resistance, intelligence, and longevity. they also have the ability to wipe out the remainder of mankind.

Before passing away in March, Hawkings stated, “I am confident that humanity will learn how to adjust both intelligence and impulses like hostility throughout this century… Most likely, legislation prohibiting human genetic engineering will be approved. However, some individuals won’t be able to resist the desire to enhance human qualities like memory, illness resistance, and longevity.

“Once such superhumans arise, there will be serious political issues with inferior humans, who won’t be able to compete… They will probably disappear or lose significance. Instead, there will be a race of constantly evolving beings that self-design themselves.

Maybe… a legion of them?

In this stunning posthumous book, the renowned cosmologist and #1 bestselling author of A Brief History of Time gives us his final insights on the universe’s most pressing issues.

How did the cosmos start? Will people continue to live on Earth? Does intelligent life exist outside of our solar system? Could we ever be beaten by artificial intelligence?

Stephen Hawking contributed to the advancement of knowledge about the cosmos and helped to solve some of its biggest mysteries during the course of his remarkable career. Even though Hawking’s theoretical work on black holes, hypothetical time, and multiple histories stretched his thinking to the outer limits of space, he always believed that science could be used to address issues on Earth.

Stephen Hawking currently focuses on the most pressing problems facing humanity as we confront potentially catastrophic changes on Earth, including climate change, the depletion of natural resources, and the prospect of artificial superintelligence.

BRIEF ANSWERS TO THE BIG QUESTIONS, the final book from one of the greatest minds in history, is a personal view on the challenges we face as a race and where we, as a planet, are headed next. It is broad-ranging, intellectually stimulating, passionately argued, and infused with his characteristic humor.

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