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The Ancient Easter Island Heads – Moai Statues Mysteries Have Been Solved

A group of scholars claims to have discovered how the people of Rapa Nui, often known as Easter Island, built the iconic Moai statues. The island’s inability to obtain water is intrinsically related to this new concept.

As a consequence, Carl Lipo’s inquiry at the University of Binghamton revealed all of the problems that these ancient humans encountered.

Because the islands lacked rivers, the initial settlers attempted to make ponds to supplement their water supply. From this vantage point, these figurines may have been watermarks.

To put it another way, these monuments assisted these people in locating water reservoirs, with each monument representing a reservoir site.

While this is a strong possibility, Lipo isn’t sure if this was the underlying motivation for the sculptures’ development or if they were constructed for some other reason.

What is obvious is that these sculptures demonstrated the island’s massive population at the time, as well as the importance of these people’s labor, as proved by the fact that their work has survived to this day.


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