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The Anunnaki Sumerian Gods May Return Sooner Than We Think

We know of several ancient gods, but none of them are as compelling as the Anunnaki. There was the deity pantheon we found along with the Ancient Sumerian Civilization, also known as the cradle of civilization. And, despite being from 4,500 B.C.E., the interest in this civilization still piques modern humanity’s interest.

Among the multitudes of aspects of interest about Ancient Sumerian, none hold a candle to the Anunnaki. These were temple gods that were worshipped by Sumerians in flat-top pyramids and lived their lives to appease these seemingly other-worldly beings.

The origins of these gods are unknown, but the prevailing theory is that they came from “Nibiru,” a.k.a “Planet X”. They were said to have brought the advancements that allowed Ancient Sumerians to prosper and build their society and mega-structures. They are also believed to be the reasons for Sumerian’s sophisticated understanding of astronomy and mathematics. 

While there isn’t a list of the Anunnaki pantheon, each Sumerian city-state is known to have its own Anunnaki overseer assigned by Marduk, the senior Anunnaki. However, this prosperity peace and prosperity didn’t last long as a civil war between these gods broke out. Each of the major Anunnakis played a part in this discord which ultimately culminated in all of them leaving Earth.

All that is left that proves they existed are scripts, myths, and artifacts that eerily connect the dots between the historical events and their legends.

But, there are still those who believe that they will return. The Sitchin believes that the Anunnaki will return to our planet, and the whole world will be in awe of their wonder and magnificence. 

Once they realize that Earth has moved on from the destruction their war caused and humanity is prospering again, there is no question that the Anunnaki will return. After all, what reasons does a civilization with the ability to traverse the stars have not to revisit important sites in their history? 

If you want to learn more about Anunnaki, you can watch this video.

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