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The Enigma of Oklahoma’s Ancient Floor

A Newspaper Report That Shook Foundations

In 1969, The Oklahoman newspaper unveiled a tale so mystifying that it blurred the lines between prehistory and accepted historical narratives. Titled “It’s a Cracked Puzzle,” this story presented readers with a baffling archaeological discovery.

The Ancient Floor Beneath

Beneath Oklahoma’s soil lay an extensive tiled area, suggesting it might have been the polished floor of a colossal structure. Yet, the intrigue didn’t merely rest with its vastness but its suspected age. Employing modern dating techniques, experts deduced that this floor was laid over an astounding 200,000 years ago. More confounding was the mortar used for the tiles; it contained elements presently unidentified.

Seeking Expert Opinions

Delbert Smith, known for his contributions to the Oklahoma Seismograph Company, alongside durwood pate, an independent petroleum geologist, examined this enigmatic find. Post their exhaustive analysis, both concluded emphatically that this was not a natural formation but, indeed, man-made. Their examination, including core samples for microscopic investigation, threw more questions than answers.

Two strategically placed holes in the rock strata, measuring precisely 16 and 1/2 feet apart, further cemented the belief in the floor’s artificial origins. Interestingly, the stone tiles were made of Permian limestone interspersed with quartz grains.

John M. Ware, a geologist from Oklahoma City, exclaimed the discovery was inexplicable within geology’s bounds. He hoped an archaeologist might shed light on this riddle.

The Fate of the Discovery

Unfortunately, before any archaeologist could intervene, the site transformed. Mere days after acknowledging its potential significance, the area was razed to accommodate a warehouse. With its rapid transition into a commercial zone, numerous mysteries remained unresolved.

Was this indeed a man-made marvel dating back over 200,000 years? If so, who were its creators, and what was its purpose?

Final Musings

Certain stories stir the imagination, reminding us of the countless secrets our planet still hides. While the Oklahoma floor’s enigma remains unsolved, its brief exposure encourages us to question, explore, and never stop discovering.

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