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The Enigmatic Collection of Father Crespi

Journeying into Myths and Legends

Tales from the past often provide intriguing insights into forgotten eras and unexplained phenomena. One such tale revolves around Father Crespi, an Italian monk known for his vast artifact collection, and the sensational speculations that it might contain evidence of ancient giants, extraterrestrial civilizations, and even a golden library.

Unveiling the Legend of Father Crespi

Source – Author: Salesianos de Don Bosco

Father Crespi’s journey began in Italy. Born in 1891, he later studied anthropology at the University of Milan. Subsequently, he joined the Salesian order as a clergyman and, in 1923, relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador, dedicating his life to charity. Loved by locals, Crespi became synonymous with generosity, setting up orphanages, schools, and providing sustenance.

But there was more to Crespi than his benevolence. He was deeply intrigued by Ecuador’s indigenous tribes, their traditions, and culture. Over time, as a gesture of gratitude, the locals started gifting him artifacts from various parts of the country. Despite some being clear modern forgeries, Crespi valued the sentiment behind each gift. With over 50,000 objects collected, plans were set in motion for a museum, only to see most artifacts tragically destroyed in a fire in 1962.

The Peculiar Artifacts and Their Origins

While many artifacts could be identified and attributed to specific indigenous cultures, some seemed out of place. These anomalous items bore an uncanny resemblance to Babylonian artifacts, or seemed to have a foreign origin altogether. The symbols, styles, and materials often left experts baffled, igniting debates that continue to this day.

Richard Wingate, a Florida researcher, had the privilege of witnessing these mysterious artifacts in the 1970s. To him, these were not just treasures of materialistic value but posed significant historical questions, challenging established beliefs and timelines.

The Legendary Metal Library

In 1973, the Crespi collection achieved international fame. Erich von Däniken’s book, “Gold of the Gods”, made astonishing claims. Based on Juan Moricz’s explorations, he wrote about a hidden metallic library in Ecuador’s Tayos caves filled with golden artifacts, suggesting an extraterrestrial hand behind their creation.

Seeking the Truth

Seeking clarity, the team at “Ancient Origins” embarked on an expedition to Ecuador. The remaining Crespi collection, housed by the Ecuadorian Central Bank, was an incredible sight – artifacts from various cultures, even shrunken heads. However, the famed metal pages were conspicuously absent.

When questioned, the Central Bank’s team dismissed the metal pages as mere fakes, mere modern carvings on cheap metal, challenging von Däniken’s grandiose descriptions.

Endless Enigmas

While Father Crespi’s legitimate collection stands undisputed, the mysteries surrounding the golden artifacts photographed by Wingate and the underground library remain. Did they exist? Were they kept in the Vatican’s secret vaults? Or are they tales woven around genuine artifacts?

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