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The Enigmatic Tale of the Two-Headed Giant: Catwa

Historical Riddles & Mythical Giants

Throughout history, numerous tales and legends have spoken of the existence of giants. Surprisingly, our investigation into these tales often reveals not just myths but also tangible evidence – including photographs and early newspaper reports documenting their discovery.

The Smithsonian’s Mystique

One pattern that recurrently emerges is the Smithsonian Institute’s keen interest in these giant findings, followed by the inexplicable disappearance of these artifacts from subsequent research and public knowledge.

The Remarkable Story of Catwa

The mummy of Kap Dwa (Source: Public Domain)

Among the few giants that seemingly evaded this pattern is the enigmatic Catwa. Reports of a two-headed, 11-foot tall giant not only exist in legends but are corroborated by physical evidence – the mummified remains of Catwa himself. The story began in 1673 when Spanish sailors encountered what was described as an ogre or two-headed giant. This giant reportedly attacked them, and while they managed to capture it, its eventual fate remains a point of debate.

Catwa’s Journey to London

The astonishing remains of Catwa found their way to London after the initial encounter. Here, they disappeared for almost four centuries, only to resurface in 1914 at the Burnbeck Harbor in the UK. The mummy became an immensely popular attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide eager to glimpse this two-headed giant.

Preserving Catwa’s Legacy

Thanks to Lord Howard’s commitment to preserving this rare find, Catwa remained in public view until 1959, escaping the fate that many similar artifacts had suffered. Several research projects and countless photographs of Catwa have been undertaken, offering undeniable proof of a forgotten race of giants.

The Unresolved Mysteries

This 3-meter tall mummified giant, given the primitive technology available during its initial discovery, challenges the idea of it being a meticulously crafted hoax. Mainstream media, likely due to the contentious nature of such findings, has mostly stayed away from it.

Who was Catwa? Was he a member of a larger community of giants in Patagonia? With such intricate details and historical background, how could Catwa have been constructed if it was a hoax? These are the questions that make Catwa’s existence both compelling and confounding.

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