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The Extraterrestrial Connection: Understanding Disease Evolution

On June 6th, 2019, Current Biology unveiled startling findings from the University of Rochester. The study focused on the P 1/3 insect, usually wingless, but occasionally developing wings to colonize new plants. The genes controlling this ‘wing switch’ originate not from the insect but from a virus, whose genome has seamlessly integrated with the insect’s DNA. While this adaptation appears advantageous for the aphid, the virus seemingly prompts this change to aid its own dissemination.

Interestingly, a similar phenomenon was noted in wasps in the same year. Certain viruses boost wasps’ lifespans, ensuring these viruses can propagate further. The peculiar nature of viruses, oscillating between life and inertia based on host interactions, challenges our understanding of life.

What if this isn’t just a biological anomaly on Earth, but a cosmic strategy? Extraterrestrials might be subtly altering humans, not to benefit us, but to evolve their own species. This intriguing theory proposes that alien beings could be refurbishing their declining gene pool by merging it with human DNA, paving the way for an improved species.

Ancient astronaut proponents opine that humans might be part of an age-old cosmic experiment. As we grasp the relationship between viruses, evolution, and the potential space origin of these microorganisms, we approach a staggering realization. Could our planet’s disease history intertwine with extraterrestrial narratives?

If such speculations hold merit, these “alien infections” might not spell doom for humanity. Instead, they could be priming us, an inoculation for an inevitable rendezvous with our cosmic relatives.


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