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The Undiscovered Power of the Human Mind: Deciphering Remote Viewing

In 1995, a significant revelation emerged from Washington D.C. The U.S. government unveiled the previously classified ‘Stargate project,’ revealing a hidden army unit that banked on individuals possessing unique psychic abilities. The primary function of this unit was to utilize a psychic methodology known as remote viewing, where individuals could mentally gather intelligence on distant places, events, and even persons.

During the 1970s, under President Jimmy Carter’s tenure, these remote viewers played a pivotal role in tracing a Russian spy plane that had crashed in Africa. Many original members of the Stargate program vouch for the unparalleled accuracy and relevance of their intelligence contributions.

John Bonco, a professional remote viewer with over two decades of experience, explained the depth and versatility of remote viewing. He dubbed it as the “Swiss army knife of psychic functioning.” For him, the process entailed using various ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) facets to garner information.

To effectively remote view, John adopted a trance-like state, facilitated by certain auditory stimuli. This method allows the brain to transition from the high-functioning beta state to the more relaxed alpha and theta states. Historically, seers and prophets have been known to tap into this theta level, enabling them to visualize images beyond the realm of normal human perception.

Prominent leaders, from Winston Churchill to Ronald Reagan, often sought insights from psychics, hoping to glean knowledge about the unforeseen future. The overarching quest has always been to preemptively address potential challenges or calamities.

Dr. Jean Charan, a French philosopher in the 1970s, postulated a revolutionary concept. He proposed that every particle in the universe encompasses the entire knowledge of that universe, terming it the ‘eternal spirit.’ To him, the human brain remained an untapped resource, potent and unparalleled in its capabilities.

While some speculate that the unique psychic abilities of seers and prophets could be attributed to an extraterrestrial hybrid lineage, others contend that these faculties are innate to all humans. The consensus remains that consciousness might hold the key to human evolution. Machines and artificial intelligence, while powerful, might be secondary to the untapped potential of the human psyche, the true final frontier.

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