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The Unusual Alien Skulls Found in Africa May Alter the Course of History

Many individuals appear to believe that humans are the only intelligent beings on Earth. However, a new study seriously refutes this hypothesis!

Do you think this discovery has any connection to, say, the mummies found in Peru? Or perhaps it’s evidence that could demonstrate the existence of alien life? Tell us precisely what’s on your mind.

A skull was recently discovered in Africa, buried deep beneath the surface, and while it resembles the skull of a humanoid sentient creature, there are also some features that make it difficult to identify it as a human skull.

This finding generated a lot of controversy and gave rise to several conspiracies and improbable worlds. However, using carbon dating, scientists have determined that the skull is around 14 million years old—exactly before humans existed! And included a fair amount of iridium, a substance typically seen in meteorites.

Do you believe that this is just a malformed human? It’s also possible, though quite unlikely, that it may be one of the countless mummies discovered in Peru. In any case, the history of this planet is interesting, and we love learning more about it.

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