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There’s a chance that a highly developed civilization exists underneath the surface of the earth and has its own sun there.

The exact location of our planet’s core has been debated by a wide range of specialists, hypotheses, and studies. The Hollow Earth has its own Sun, but does it have a society?

Many experts have argued that there is a civilization below the Earth for ages.

Since the 18th century, the scientific community has debated the possibility of a Hollow Earth monarchy.

After the publication of numerous photographs obtained by the ESSA-7 satellite in the 1970s, where the clean sky could be seen, a huge hole where the North Pole must have been was revealed.

The portals to the Hollow Earth.

The problem started to arise once ESSA USA published the pictures. Scientists, independent researchers, and philosophers have challenged the authenticity of this wholly oblong crater in the Arctic.

According to ufologist Ray Palmer, editor of Flying Saucers magazine, NASA imagery offers “promising evidence” in support of theories about the presence of subsurface civilizations and advanced societies.

The evidence is growing, especially in light of a 1928 account that was found in Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s journal while he was conducting research in the Arctic.

Byrd claimed to have seen enormous, breathtaking valleys and wild animals while flying over one of the poles.

This story left a lasting impression on a lot of people, and it gave rise to numerous theories about the existence of the Hollow Earth.

When the writing about Byrd’s experiences was uncovered, numerous articles and books on it were published. Consider the works of Amadeo.

According to Giannini’s book “Worlds Beyond the Poles,” the explorer did more than just fly across the Arctic. It had penetrated to the Earth’s core through one of the many holes in the place.

In December 1959, Ray Palmer’s journal published a theory connecting Giannini’s book to the Hollow Earth. The thesis’ enormous success is proof that thousands of people thought it to be true.

According to Palmer and Giannini, Admiral Byrd radioed that there were areas of land, vegetation, mountains, lakes, rivers, woodlands, and a strange mammoth-like creature beneath the snow.

science and theories.

Satellite images have demonstrated the presence of holes in the Earth’s poles.

Since the discovery of Halley’s Comet by England’s authorized Astronomer Royal, Edmund Halley, in the fourteenth century, the idea of a hollow earth has been advanced.

Additionally, he said that the interior was composed of molten lava and was separated into three cones, one of which served as an inner sun. Newton supported this hypothesis.

The mathematical prodigy Leonhard Euler of the 18th century also supported the Hollow Earth theory. He continued by stating that there were two entrances at the world’s poles.

Along with several scientific ideas, the Hollow Earth idea has influenced a large number of writers and artists. One of the most well-known works on the subject is Jules Verne’s 1864 book Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Now being conducted are investigations into the earth’s mantle.

The former Soviet Union was the driving force behind a 1965 initiative that involved drilling Kola, a well that was 15 kilometers deep. Despite the fact that the investigation’s conclusions were kept confidential, it is believed that “human and animal voices” were picked up by the ultra-sensitive microphones.

On the other hand, science has gone back and forth on this issue. Some claim that every 30 meters, the temperature increases by one degree. The Earth should have a core temperature of about 220,000 degrees Celsius if this is true.

As a result, the planet’s core would be considerably hotter than the Sun, whose crust has a temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius.

This idea poses many issues, particularly in light of the special agencies’ silence and the restrictions they place on investigators.

Why is flying over the poles prohibited? What exactly is being kept a secret? Could it be possible that we unknowingly coexist in the same world as an entirely other culture?

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