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This woman was shown the future of Earth by grey aliens.

Sherry Wilde thinks that extraterrestrials from a faraway galaxy abducted her. In this presentation, Sherry Wilde makes a distinction between being an abductee and a volunteer while also revealing some intriguing details about “her trip” with the aliens.

Sherry had just turned 17 when it all started. She recalls a situation in which she disappeared for a while.

She had always wondered what had occurred, but she brushed it off as a case of forgetting.

But she chose to go through hypnotic regression, and it was then that she discovered she had been brought on board an extraterrestrial spaceship not once, but several times as a youngster.

The flashback revealed that she had been brought back to Earth by the aliens on a mission to convert evil energy and serve as a volunteer.

There is a video here that you may watch if you want to learn more.


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