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Top-Secret Documents from the KGB: Egypt’s Ancient Great Pyramid Was Actually a Machine That Changed Cosmic Rays

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is “intimately related to the Earth,” according to KGB secret materials stating that the pyramid has “powers to affect cosmic rays.”

Ancient scribes viewed Egypt’s largest edifice, the Great Pyramid, as a “wonder of the world.”

The measurements are quite precise. The height of the pyramid is proportionate to its perimeter, just as the radius of the Earth is proportional to its circumference, according to “Revelations of the Great Pyramid.”

As a result, the pyramid seems to be a three-dimensional triangular representation of a hemisphere, which might imply that the pyramid resonated with the planet for some reason. The scientist discovers that the pyramids have the power to influence cosmic rays.

Pyramids are actually massive prisms that can focus energy. If the starlight could be collected, the Great Pyramid might be converted into an interstellar broadcaster.

The Great Pyramid and the Star Axis

According to others, the three pyramids and the Sphinx are part of a gigantic machine built by extraterrestrial engineers. According to scientific investigations, the Great Pyramid contains a central control system that unites all of Giza’s components.

The king’s chamber is reached by a tube inside the Great Pyramid, and the star’s axis is a tunnel on the sarcophagus. When a precise celestial alignment occurs, starlight passes through the axis.

According to these specialists, the radiant energy that touches the tomb might cause a cold fusion reaction. The prism structure of the pyramid will grow and transmit energy to neighboring structures.


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