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US Air Force Scientist: “Giant alien ships enter our world through the portal”

Using a telescope, a world-famous scientist and former engineer for the U.S. Air Force and Boeing Company took a picture of a UFO that was 250 meters wide and moving at 48,000 km/h.

But this is just one of many other large UFOs that have been seen. Frederick Portigal says that this is a sure sign that aliens are already here.

The US National Air and Space Intelligence Agency has confirmed that these facts are true (NASIC).

Engineer Frederick Portigal, who used to work for the US Air Force and Boeing, used a hyperspectral imaging telescope to take pictures and gather information about UFOs. He said that he took pictures of very big things moving very fast.

Hyperspectral remote sensing, which is also called imaging spectroscopy, is a method that scientists are studying to find and identify minerals, land plants, and man-made materials and landscapes.

The James Webb Space Telescope, which is set to launch in December, will use this method to look into the deepest parts of the universe.

Frederic Portigal is a top scientist in the world with a lot of experience in this method.

Frederick was in charge of designing the process flow for the Fourier Transform Hyperspectral Imager (FTHSI). This was the first hyperspectral sensor that the US Air Force Research Laboratory/RVBYI sent into orbit. He made a mathematical model to simulate the Landsat 7 data-based space observations that will be done.

Portigal was in charge of a study funded by the USDA that looked at the use of hyperspectral imaging to find Pierce’s disease (PD) in California grapes.

Frederic Portugal has worked for companies like the National Science Foundation, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Portigal wants us to know that big alien ships are coming through the portal and landing on Earth.

According to a former chief engineer at Boeing, aliens are using wormhole penetration technology to move these plasma-like UFOs close to the Earth’s surface at a speed of 48,000 kilometers per hour.

In the area of the Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico, strange objects that looked like plasma were seen flying at speeds that could not be explained. His telescope was on Sandia Heights and could see about 15 miles in all directions.

Shortly after the DNI gave Congress a report on unidentified aerial events, Portigal wrote on LinkedIn that he was disappointed with the government’s lack of clarity.

“Since I gave NASIC and DIA, I thought the recent Congress report on UFOs didn’t go into enough detail about the extraterrestrial category. I have to talk to the people right away. They have to find out.

“They have all this information that proves giant motherships with smaller ships on board are sneaking into our world. The smaller ships leave the motherships and stay here, while the motherships leave to get new cargo and come back with it. At least since 2008, when they first showed up on our records, this has been happening.

“The military and government have all the facts, and they are now watching as the number of aliens on Earth keeps growing. Why do they send us so many of their ships at once? Why doesn’t the government say anything?”

Portigal says that the Department of Defense has made a special hyperspectral telescope that they call “alien-hunting binoculars.”

The technology was made better with $ 750,000 from the Air Force Research Laboratory. It was based on Frederick’s own telescope.

At the beginning of the video recording, the focus is on the white sphere. Many people who have seen UFOs say that they look like bright white balls, but they can’t see what’s behind this plasma screen.

Simply put, when a lot of energy is concentrated in one place, it looks like a bright ball to the naked eye. Once Frederick’s sensor can analyze the plasma and figure out how much gas is there, it can make a picture of the object hidden behind the plasma envelope. This picture will show the true shapes of the pyramids and other UFOs that were dropped by the big mother ship.

Here you can see Frederick’s technical report that goes with the video. Frederick says that this is a sure sign that aliens are already here.

“You have to understand what’s going on here. I’ve made a device that lets you see alien ships. I made this technology official, and the military, with help from the government, put money into it and improved it so they could make their own binoculars that could find alien ships.

“In 2008, I first saw these mother ships come into our world through wormholes (portals) and drop their cargo, which were smaller ships. Why people don’t know that alien ships that are invisible to them come to our world. Why are they there? What do they look like? Why are they getting ready?

“This could be proof that aliens are mining on our planet, but who knows what’s in the cargo that appears and travels through the wormholes after the mother ship leaves?

“This isn’t just one boat. These are huge alien ships that hide from us with technology that makes them look like clouds. One after another, they appear in our sky and drop other ships.

“The U.S. government has officially said that there is a UFO in our sky. This is good, but they said “A” didn’t say “B.” They left a doubt by saying they didn’t know whose equipment it was, and the Pentagon didn’t use the word “extraterrestrial.”

“Yet, since 2008, they have watched every day as huge alien ships come into our world.”

Portigal added another point about alien ships:

They could travel through wormholes or through a doorway between universes.”

On October 29, 2021, Frederic Portugal told the media about the information.

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